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CD recording artist BARELA displays its unique and powerful sound in its original music. Barela's music comes from many influences, not just from Orange County, but music that has been listened to and played throughout Orange County music scenes of past decades. Barela has been influenced by such groups as Tower of Power, Average White Band, Chicago, Tierra, Earth Wind & Fire and many more outstanding artists of the same genre.

The powerful brass sounds born in the 70's and 80's live today in the music of Barela. When brothers Tony and Richard Barela first formed their group in 1990 they knew they would need to incorporate a powerful brass section to create their own style of soul with their roots firmly in 70's funk and soul.

The five piece horn section is a rarity in most bands today, but is a vital part of Barela's tight interplay and solid groove. There is no substitute for Barela's sound! Barela treats you to many songs rarely covered due to the difficult task of mastering such challenging material both instrumentally and vocally.

The overall product of this sensational group is the inspired, tight, unique and driving soul of Barela. The group intends to continue to perfect this powerful sound by adding their original material to the covers that exemplify the many influences of the band.
BARELA has entertained thousands of fans since 1990.
Here are a few memorable moments:

Opened for Little Anthony

Opened for Pete Esquevido

Orange International Street Fair (since 1991)

Manhattan Beach Old Hometown Fair
Placentia Fireworks Spectacular Santa Ana Fireworks Spectacular
Host for Malo, Santa Ana Street Fair Host for Tower of Power, City of Santa Ana
Orange County Fair, Meadow Stage The Hop, La Puente, with Rize
Galaxy Theater, with Latin Playboys Galaxy Theater with Morris Day & the Time
Carlsbad Street Fair, with Tierra The Hop, La Puente, with Down With 3
Santa Fe Swap Meet Cinco de Mayo Opened for Keith Sweat



BARELA wouldn't be where it is today without the contributions of these fine musicians:


BARELA, 2005


BARELA, 2004


Joe Harris is a fantastic trumpet player, and
we are happy to have had him in the
BARELA horn section for the last two years.
He has recently returned from a tour in Japan and
will be heard on our upcoming CD.

Paul Litteral, another suberb trumpet player, who has helped develop the BARELA horn section into
what it is today.


BARELA, Summer 2003


Uncle Vince Vargas, our "smiling soul inspiration," who has always kept love for music and love for family at the top of his priority list. Uncle Vince played percussion for Barela from 1989 to 1999, and now works behind the scenes for the band.

BARELA, Christmas 2001


BARELA, 2001


BARELA 1991, Band West Rehearsal Studios
Back row from left to right:
Armando De La Cruz, Vince Vargas, Jimbob Campbell, Richard Barela, Bart Davis, Andy Nemchek
Front row sitting / left to right:
Martin Matthews, Mark Visher, Tony Barela, Rick Barthus, Phil Norris.


September, 2000: BARELA lead singer Andy Nemchek wins the KLOS 95.5 FM audition contest. His prize: singing "Old Days" on stage at the Greek Theater with Chicago!

Andy Nemchek auditions for members of Chicago

Richard Barela  714-544-1310